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Nintendo 3DS Gets Its First Paid DLC through Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Dummy retail boxes of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm for Nintendo 3DS have surfaced in the Japanese market with indications that the title will have paid content available for download - a move that clearly reflects the Nintendo's growing focus in the downloadable content market

The first title for the Nintendo 3DS to offer the DLC enhancements will be Theatrhythm and looking at the past, the company might be planning to charge a handsome amount as it does for its downloadable games. These dummy boxes confirm in very small prints that it is a paid DLC for the game. The game will be released on 16th February in Japan.

Thus, with this game, the most recently added DLC capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS will be used. Through a firmware update a month ago Nintendo allowed the developers to introduce DLC for their respective titles.

This new box also comes with yet-to-be-seen "Nintendo Network" and according to rumours, it is going to be the revamped look for the "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection". The "Nintendo Network" might be the face of Nintendo's latest online gaming services.

[Source: Engadget]