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Samsung Addresses User Complaints with New Galaxy Note Update

Samsung has introduced the latest update for Samsung Galaxy Note, which brings in numerous improvements in to this hybrid device. The update focuses on one of the many complaints this device received, since it first hit the market.

Many users have reported that they find it difficult to type with one hand, because of the huge size of the 5.3 inch touch screen.

With this new update, the company has made improvements to the QWERTY keyboard so it can be scaled down. This now means they keyboard can be aligned to one side of the screen - left or right. Samsung also decided to add numbers to the keyboard, removing the need for users to switch modes when typing in numbers.

The lock screen was another issue with users because of the sheer large size of the screen. Apparently, users had to swipe across the entire 5.3 inch screen to unlock the screen. The new update, thankfully, has made it more compact. Finally, included in the update is the Torch app that utilises LED flash for lighting up the darkness, reports 3G.

The latest update will roll out very soon and should be made available on unlocked devices, initially sold in Asia or Europe.