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Sony Releases VAIO Line Updates

In the wake of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony has announced a few tweaks to its line-up of Vaio laptops, switching out internal hardware and adding new colour options.

You can now get Sony's high-end model Vaio Z in Carbon Silver along with the current Carbon Black, Carbon Gold and matt black variants. Another new option includes adding a 4G mobile internet antenna and the chance to upgrade to a slightly more powerful process. Currently the default option is the Intel i5-2410M 2.30GHz, though for £100 extra you can get yourself an i5-2540M 2.60GHz. Both come with 3MB of level 3 cache.

Weirdly though - despite the new processor addition being an "online exclusive", it's actually £10 more expensive than the i7-2620M variant - though that offer ends today.

The other Vaio series hasn't been left out with the S and E lines having some slight processor power hikes. The E series comes with an Intel Pentium B950, though you can now upgrade that to a second generation Intel CoreTM i5-2430M 2.4 GHz for an extra £50. The S series however defaults at the CoreTM i5-2430M, though you can actually downgrade this to a CoreTM i3-2330M 2.4GHZ to save £30.

Cnet has reported on this too, showing off the new facelift options the C series has also received. They now offer skins in bright Kaleidoscope Pink and a grungey, black and grey Modern Geometric.