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Windows Phone Tango May See Reduction in RAM from 512MB to 256MB

Microsoft's next mobile platform update is codenamed Windows Phone "Tango", where according to multiple leaked reports, this new update has been designed to lower the manufacturing costs of Windows Phones. If true, the obvious question becomes what does Microsoft want to achieve through this sudden change in their game plan?

If rumours are to be believed, then with the Tango update, the company will reduce RAM requirements for Windows Phones to reduce manufacturing costs considerably. According to unconfirmed information, Microsoft's Windows Phone device will support 256MB RAM as opposed to 512MB which is usually found in most new-generation smartphone devices.

This means that Tango might have been designed specifically for low-end devices and thus it may not be available for higher end Windows Phone devices. According to a leaked roadmap, the Windows Phone Tango update will arrive some time in the 2nd quarter of 2012, reports The Verge.

Along with the latest update, the software company might also reveal its plans to provide OEM support for new chipsets. All these rumored changes alongside the company's other plans are expected to be revealed during the forthcoming edition of the Mobile World Congress.