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£32.99 Extra Value 200Mbps Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack

Pulling cable across the home or small office for network extension where wireless network is not an option is a thing of the past as the Extra Value powerline adapter lets you make use of existing electrical wiring for network extension without the dangers of tripping because of loose cables spread across the floor.

The 200Mbps Powerline Adapter lets you connect two endpoints (1 router and 1 desktop or laptop). Just plug in one of the adapter into an electrical socket near to your router and connect it to your router through the Ethernet cable and the other near to your computing endpoint. Once done, you have a wired connectivity without the need to extra-long cabling.

In case you are worried about data security, the built-in 128-bit AES encryption takes care of that aspect as well. The adapters also support IGMP managed multicast IP transmission. The range is upto 300 meters which ideally covers the whole house. The maximum transmission speed is 200 Mbps and the adapters are compatible with any operating system out there.

The Extra Value 200Mbps Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack is available from eBuyer for £32.99.