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£99.97 Curtis 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema Kit

The Curtis 5.1 Blu-ray home cinema kit is for movie buffs who would like to enjoy their favourite movies in surround sound and HD clarity right from the comfort of their homes and if you are one of them, this product is definitely worth a look.

If we talk about the audio first, the home cinema kit comes with a powered subwoofer with bass reflex construction and is complemented with 5 satellite speakers. The wattage of subwoofer is 20 while the combined output of the satellites stand at 40W giving you a total output of 60W. The audio is in Dolby sound format which would fill your entire home no matter where the home cinema system is installed.

The Blu-ray player makes a nice addition to your home entertainment setup and if you already have a HD TV ready to connect to this home cinema kit, then you are definitely in for a treat. The player Plays Blu-ray and standard DVD discs and the HDMI output port lets you connect the player to your HD TV.

This home cinema system has progressive scan functionality thus optimising image results.

Tesco Direct is offering the Curtis 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema Kit for £99.97.