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Anonymous Targets Brazilian Sites in Megaupload Reprisal

In its latest coordinated cyber attack, the hacktivist group Anonymous successfully breached into Brazil's federal district websites on Saturday alongside another website belonging to a popular Brazilian singer.

Apparently, the attacks were orchestrated as a part of the group's retaliation against the US government's decision to shut down the massively popular online file sharing platform

Anonymous took the responsibility of this latest series of attack against Brazilian websites on Saturday via a Twitter post. The group stated that hundreds of sites in the country with the URL ‘" found themselves at the receiving end of this raid. The Federal District press office however, denied the hacking-incident.

According to the online news site G1 - a subsidiary of the Globo television network, the hack attack indeed took place, however, was repulsed soon after by the Federal District's IT team.

But Anonymous did manage to shut down the website belonging to Paula Fernandes - a popular Brazilian singer. Not only the hacker took down the site, but they also posted the Anonymous logo on it alongside a message that read: "If Megaupload is down, you are down too," according to an AFP report.