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Apple Admits iBooks 2 Hiccup, to Release Fix Soon

Having started its journey in the market on a high note, Apple's latest offering iBooks 2 has suffered a massive setback with the discovery of a serious glitch.

The glitch was first revealed by Ed Baig - USA Today's technology editor, soon after which many more users stepped forward with their respective complaints.

Anticipating the potential damage the glitch could cost, Apple stepped forward pretty quickly and admitted that some customers were indeed facing problems in the iBooks 2 software.

It all started when Baig tried to watch the first couple of chapter of E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth on his iPad. Apparently, when he tried to access the video of the author included in the suite, the device could not load the video-track and started running as an audio-only file. And much to Braig's horror, soon after the device's screen turned gray and the audio stopped as well.

"We're aware of a small number of iBooks 2 users having issues with the playback of the introduction movies when opening iBooks textbooks. It will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update," Cupertino based iPad maker announced announced, TabTimes reports.

The company also assured that the issue would be taken care of pretty soon with the release of an update to the software.