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Apple Counters Kodak’s Patent Ownership Claims

Apple has rebuked the patent-infringement accusation brought against it by the troubled camera maker Kodak by claiming that all the patents in question are in its legal possession.

Earlier in the month, Kodak filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino based iPhone maker claiming that the company was infringing on four of its key patents involving digital camera image technology. Apart from Apple, the camera maker filed another lawsuit against the Taiwan based smartphone maker HTC.

However, Apple retaliated rather quickly by filing a counter lawsuit with the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York. In the lawsuit, Apple has appealed the court to block Kodak's efforts to pocket loans by using the disputed patents as collateral.

One of the disputed patents that the iPhone maker claims to be in possession of has been referred to in the lawsuits filed by Kodak against multiple tech outfits including Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Apple further claimed that Kodak has earned somewhere around $3 billion by licensing that particular patented technology.

"Apple does not oppose Kodak's acquisition of postpetition financing as a general matter. However, Kodak cannot grant security interests in and liens upon patents that Kodak does not own," Apple claimed [PDF] in the counter lawsuit it filed against Kodak.