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Apple Spent a Staggering $100 Million in Case Against HTC Claims Site

A new but unconfirmed report has revealed how Apple may have spent a staggering amount of $100 million in its legal battle against the Taiwan based smartphone maker HTC.

The Cupertino based technology superstar is currently engaged in a series of multi-front legal battles against many Android based smartphone manufacturers including HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

The reports of the company investing as much as $100 million in the legal battle against HTC came from a blog post by Dan Lyons. However, Apple is yet to come up with an official statement about how the financial burdens incurred because of on-going lawsuits are affecting the company.

Lyons emphasised on the point that despite investing such a huge amount in the war-of-patents against HTC, Apple is yet to meet with any significant success.

"So Apple started out with 10 patents - presumably its best ones - and ended up with a tiny victory on just one. Was that worth $100 million?" Lyons questioned n his blog.

"Apple certainly can afford the legal fees, and shows no sign of letting up," he concluded.