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Developers Build 'Don't be Evil' Tool for Google Search

Mountain View based search giant Google Inc. recently tweaked its search engine by introducing the new "Search Plus Your World" feature. The ultimate goal of this new offering was to integrate social media sites' data into its search results.

However, it was discovered later on that the new feature was pulling data from Google's own Google Plus and Picassa sites only - thus spawning a whole new controversy.

A group of engineers from other social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter etc. stepped forward in order to come up with a tool that integrates other networks to "Search Plus Your World".

After the tool was finally ready, the engineers involved in the project did not miss out on the opportunity to have a go at Google, and named the new tool as "Don't Be Evil" in reference to Google's unofficial motto.

"The tool works best when searching for a general interest topic, such as music, cooking, or technology. With these types of searches, you'll often see a column of "People and Pages From Google+" along the right side of the screen," Jared Newman of PC World noted in his report.