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DoJ Investigates Apple, Google and Others Regarding 'No Poaching' Pact

In an attempt to retain their top recruits, a number of Silicon Valley companies including Apple and Google have signed illegal "no poaching" deals with each other, the US Department of Justice has revealed.

The alleged move taken by the tech outfits truly reflects the amount of effort they pour in to retaining their top employees.

Apparently, the DoJ has also released evidence regarding the non-competitive hiring agreements these companies have in place. The matter has been scrutinised by the agency for a while now.

As a part of this move, the DoJ officially launched an investigation into the recruitment practices in place at several entertainment and technology companies including Apple, Pixar, Google, Lucasfilm, Intel, Adobe, and Intuit.

In addition, several of these companies were sued by a former software engineer at Lucasfilm who claimed the companies formed a pact that prevents them to recruit each other's employees.

"Now that the DoJ evidence is in the public eye, however, tech talent can demand a higher degree of transparency about the hiring practices at the companies they work for," according to a recent Forbes report.