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Hackers Frame Players in Anti-Punkbuster Protest

Some hackers have been framing Battlefield 3 players for cheating, in what is being claimed as a protest against PunkBuster.

The plan is to target innocent players, getting them erroneously banned for cheating, to show up the anti-hack service. Those responsible apparently hail from first person shooter (FPS) hack and cheat site Artificial Aiming. The last official posts on the site's news section (which uses an ultra-contemporary Post-Nuke theme) and calendar are over a month and a half old and the claims of the attack were posted in the forum by a "junior member" - so whether this is some sort of sanctioned action is unknown at this point.

This isn't the first time this group has been 'protesting' PunkBuster. The original post about the attack reads: "We are bringing back the unerring of PunkBuster back for a 3rd season. We have selected ggc-stream as the target since they have the most streaming bf3 servers and makes it very easy to add fake bans."

"In 2011 we hit them with a mass ban wave and now were are banning real players from battlelog while ggc-stream is totally unaware. We have framed 150+ bf3 players alone."

To make sure people consider these claims legitimate, the user in question has also posted many screenshots showing banned accounts, suggesting that the group has indeed been successful in ending the online careers of many a Battlefield 3 gamer.

The protest seems to be working somewhat too, as while people are - understandably - annoyed with the hackers themselves, the fact that PunkBuster doesn't have enouch basic measures to prevent the problem in the first place has drawn it's own set of ire.

Twitter has exploded with discussion on the topic, with fingers being pointed at EA, PunkBuster and the hackers. While the official Battlefield account has only said the problem is being looked into, according to Product-Reviews, downloading the latest version of Punk Buster will solve the problem. We can't confirm that at this time however.