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Japanese Mobile Phone Carrier KDDI Sends Marketing Messages to Customers

According to new reports, Japan based carrier KDDI is pushing adverts straight into the notification bars of customers' Android devices. Worse even, those who have found themselves at the receiving end of this rather annoying move simply have no way to get rid of it on their own.

Experts, however, are of the view that rooting and the manual removal of the culprit app could eventually solve the issue - but no official solution is available as of now.

Apparently, this new development highlights the ugly side of Android's open ecosystem where manufacturers and carriers are allowed to do pretty much anything they want to.

"The promotions are flagged up to Japanese users in the drop-down notification area...complete with vibration, noise and icon alerts as if it was a new SMS or app update," Chris Davies of Slash Gear noted in his report.

Hopefully this new ad-policy deployed by KDDI is only a trial and will be removed soon, though the company has yet to clarify its stand on the issue. With this, Android users from other regions of the world are hoping that this annoying trend won't become the new norm.