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Late News: Apple iBooks 2 Glitch, Twitter Buys Summify, Don't be Evil Tool, AT&T and T-Mobile Spectrum transfer

Having started its journey in the market on a high note, Apple's latest offering iBooks 2 has suffered a massive setback with the discovery of a serious glitch. The glitch was first revealed by Ed Baig - USA Today's technology editor, soon after which many more users stepped forward with their respective complaints.

Twitter - the unique blend of social media and microblogging platform, has acquired Canada based social news start up Summify. Summify was initially founded in Romania, but later moved to Vancouver BC. The company is known for providing services that allow users to compile multiple news into a single page thereby facilitating efficient sharing.

Lead marketer Dawn Paine has announced she's leaving Nintendo UK and will be joining Universal Pictures, ending a ten year tenure at the Japanese console maker. Paine has been part of Nintendo through some important years, helping with the launch of consoles like the Wii and DS.

Mountain View based search giant Google recently tweaked its search engine by introducing the new "Search Plus Your World" feature. The ultimate goal of this new offering was to integrate social media sites' data into its search results. However, it was discovered later on that the new feature was pulling data from Google's own Google Plus and Picassa sites only - thus spawning a whole new controversy.

Telecom giants AT&T and T-Mobile USA have teamed up to file a request with the US FCC (Federal Communication Commission), asking for its approval for the proposed $1 billion worth of transfer in wireless airwaves. Last year, AT&T announced that it was planning to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion- however, the proposed acquisition failed to get the approval of the FCC.