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Latest Samsung Galaxy S2 Ad Mocks Forlorn iPhone Fans

The fierce battle between the two tech giants Apple and Samsung has been stepped up, this time in the realm of advertising. The Korean company has once again mocked die hard Apple fans, as well as some of the more publicised shortcomings of the latest iPhone.

The Samsung ad shows a group of geeky-looking Apple fans camping outside a store, watching "the first unboxing video" of the latest iPhone - and then, the cry of disappointment "ooohhh, looks like last year's phone!"

This swipe at the iPhone 4S which - after months of rumours about a complete redesign: a larger screen, slimmer body with a teardrop shape - sported the 'same old' (yet iconic) iPhone design.

To make matters worse, the ad hints at another embarrassing iPhone issue, as the cool-looking Samsung Galaxy S2 owner, chucks a battery charger to his iPhone-owning friend. Who could forget the never ending battery issue that has plagued hordes of iPhone 4S owners? ...Obviously not Samsung.

With Samsung's advertising team applying a hard strike at the heart of its arch-rival's fan base, the Galaxy S2-wielding dude then shows a few of the phone's features, with the dejected Apple fans resigned to the S2's superiority, admitting they've been "Samsunged".

The ad ends with the caption: "The Next Big Thing is Already Here"