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New Study Reveals Consumers More Willing to Pay for Online Media Streaming

KPMG - the Netherlands based professional services network has claimed that consumers today are increasingly willing to subscribe to paid online streaming services. Apparently, the claim reflects precisely what the company came up with in its latest Media & Entertainment Barometer.

According to the survey conducted by KPMG, 64 percent consumers were willing to pay for online content such as movies - this figure is approximately four percent higher than where it stood almost four years back.

KPMG also revealed that as of now, BBC's iPlayer enjoys the highest level of consumer awareness - about 90 percent of survey participants were aware of this massively popular online streaming service. BBC iPlayer was followed by ITV Player and Lovefilm at second and third spots respectively.

"Judging by our survey it seems that new entrants into the UK market have got their timing right," commented David Elms, head of media at KPMG, according to a Broadband TV News report.

"The foundations for online streaming services to be successful appear to be set. Not only is awareness and usage of streaming high, but willingness to pay for content has increased too," Elms added.

KPMG also predicted that by the fall of 2012, almost every household in the UK will have a digital terrestrial TV.