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Noon News: London Olympics Spectrum Demands, Anonymous Goes after Brazilian Sites, Virgin Media's 4G Eval

During the Beijing Olympic Games, China had to build a whole new mobile broadband infrastructure especially for the event, and this time, its London's turn to deal with the issue as the city prepares itself for the next edition of the mega event. Ofcom - the UK telecom regulator has already revealed its plans for the event and assured that there is enough spectrum to provide support to rising consumer data traffic from visitors during that period alongside a bunch of event-specific apps, for example wireless microphones, event streaming and so on.

In its latest coordinated cyber attack, the hacktivist group Anonymous successfully breached into Brazil's federal district websites on Saturday alongside another website belonging to a popular Brazilian singer. Apparently, the attacks were orchestrated as a part of the group's retaliation against the US government's decision to shut down the massively popular online file sharing platform

Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile OS platform may be lagging far behind the other key players in the market today, but according to a new study, it will be surpassing Apple's iOS by 2015 to secure the second spot in the smartphone OS market. The study was carried out by the market research outfit IHS iSuppli, and according to its findings, the Windows Phone will be surpassing all other smartphone OS platforms other than Google's Android by autumn of 2015.

Telecom giant Virgin Media has carried out an evaluation-programme for testing the feasibility of its fibre network based next-generation mobile services. Apparently, this new test is being seen by many as a sign of the company's intentions to bid for the 4G spectrum auction, scheduled to take place later this year.

The first ever Windows Phone powered Nokia smartphone has sold enough number of units in 2011 to help the Finland based mobile giant to induce confidence in its investors. Lumia, which happened to be Nokia's maiden Windows Phone based handset, was launched in Europe in November 2011.