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Ofcom Preps for London Olympics Wireless Spectrum Demand

During the Beijing Olympic Games, China had to build a whole new mobile broadband infrastructure especially for the event, and this time, its London's turn to deal with the issue as the city prepares itself for the next edition of the mega event.

Ofcom - the UK telecom regulator has already revealed its plans for the event and assured that there is enough spectrum to provide support to rising consumer data traffic from visitors during that period alongside a bunch of event-specific apps, for example wireless microphones, event streaming and so on.

During the seven weeks period of Olympics and Paralympics, it has been predicted that data load on the wireless networks will be more than double in the UK capital city. According to Ofcom, it will be employing four new ways for securing additional capabilities.

Firstly, the company will be taking extra frequency from public sector agencies like Defence Ministry during that period. Secondly, they will make unused spectrum available. Third, the spectrum that was freed due to digital switchover will be used and finally encouragement to use unlicensed bands will be their last strategy, reported Rethink Wireless.

Jill Ainsxough, COO at Ofcom, commented, "We are working behind the scenes to make this capacity available, to ensure that this demand is met."