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Pew: Tablet, e-Reader Ownership Nearly Double Over Holiday Season

A new study carried out by market research outfit Pew Research and American Life Project has shed light on how the tablet and e-reader markets in the US underwent a staggering boom during the recent holiday season.

According to its findings, the ownership of tablet computers and e-readers has almost doubled in the country over the holiday season. The study further revealed that the growth was primarily driven by products such as the Apple iPad, Kindles and Nooks. All these products emerged as some of the most popular gifts during the holiday season.

Post-holiday season, the percentage of Americans with at least one digital reader in their tech arsenal has rose to 29 per cent, as compared to where the figure stood beforehand at a mere 18 per cent.

"The story with the growth in e-book readers was somewhat different from the story with tablet computers. Ownership of e-readers among women grew more than among men," read the Pew report.

"Those with more education and higher incomes also lead the pack when it comes to e-book ownership," it added.