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Sony Tablet S, Tablet P To Get ICS Update Soon

The two Sony tablets, the Tablet S and the Tablet P will get their Andoid Ice Cream Sandwich updates by Spring 2012 according to two reports that emerged on the Verge.

It follows a similar confirmation on a Sony forum in the UK late last year. The update should come out at roughly the same time as for the Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphones.

Both tablets are apparently already running Ice Cream Sandwich behind the scenes (no surprise here) and a spokesperson told the Verge that it would add "some really cool unique bits", presumably via its proprietary user interface.

Sony will absorb Sony Ericsson sometime this year in a bid to provide an Apple-like portfolio that extends from media players to tablets and smartphones, although the ecosystem is still missing.

Sony reduced the price of the Tablet S by $100 at the beginning of 2012 and will be the second reduction after an earlier $50 discount.

The Sony S tablet retails for £314 in the UK while the dual screen Sony P still cost a whopping £450 at PC World.

In comparison, the Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to cost around £170 while the RIM Blackberry Playbook tablet can be had for under £250.