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Survey: Facebook Friends Not Reliable in Crisis

According to a poll conducted by Macmillan Cancer Support Fund, an average young adult has about 237 friends on Facebook, however, out of those only two can be relied upon for support in real life in case of a crisis.

The poll was conducted on 1,000 young adults aged between 18 and 35 and two third of those participants said that they have two or less close buddies. One out of eight, that makes 13 per cent, admitted that they do not have a single person on whom they can rely on at the time of need.

16 per cent men of polled do not have anyone to turn to at the time of need whereas 12 per cent women feel the same, revealed the survey.

"It is surprising and concerning that people confide in such a small number of friends and family - and more so that others may not confide in anyone", said Elspeth Atkinson of Macmillan Cancer Support quotes Daily Mail.

Jeannie Wilkinson, a Relate counsellor feels that it's very important to speak openly about one's feelings during hard times like cancer diagnosis or treatment in order to get right kind of support. In fact, bottled up emotions often causes strain on relationship making things worse for the one who is going through a hard time reports The Telegraph.