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Windows Phone Powered Nokia Lumia Sales Top 1 Million Units

The first ever Windows Phone powered Nokia smartphone has sold enough number of units in 2011 to help the Finland based mobile giant to induce confidence in its investors.

Lumia, which happened to be Nokia's maiden Windows Phone based handset, was launched in Europe in November 2011. During the year, the company sold almost 1.3 million units of the handset via a string of carriers as well as retailers. This figure was in line with an average estimation made by 22 analysts, reported Bloomberg.

Storebrand Asset Management sold shares of the Finnish company last year and their Oslo based fund manager, Espen Furnes, said that, "If Nokia is able to have a strong launch and surpass at least 1 million and keep that type of momentum, this would help put them in a credible position that is crucial to winning back investors," according to the Bloomberg report.

After abandoning their own home-grown Symbian and MeeGo powered handsets, Nokia is now fully dependent on the Lumia series to make a strong comeback into the smartphone arena. And the figure of the early shipment of the latest devices seems to be impressive enough for the company as well as investors at large.