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Windows Phone to Surpass iOS by 2015 Says IHS

Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile OS platform may be lagging far behind the other key players in the market today, but according to a new study, it will be surpassing Apple's iOS by 2015 to secure the second spot in the smartphone OS market.

The study was carried out by the market research outfit IHS iSuppli, and according to its findings, the Windows Phone will be surpassing all other smartphone OS platforms other than Google's Android by autumn of 2015. The findings are similar to a report published by the IDC, last year in March.

According to IHS's predictions, Windows Phone will manage to secure somewhere around 16.7 per cent share in the global smartphone market within the said timeline - significantly higher than where it stands today, with approximately 2 per cent stake in the market.

Windows Phone will be closely followed by Apple's iOS at the third spot, with 16.6 per cent share. However, Google's Android will be far ahead of both iOS and WP with its 58.1 per cent market share.

"Because of Nokia's support, apps developers will eagerly shore up the Windows platform. This will cause other makers of Windows Phone devices, such as Samsung and HTC, to offer more products supporting the OS -- further expanding the market," IHS analyst Wayne Lam explained, Seattle Times reports.