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Apple Reveals Incredible Earnings: 37M iPhones, 15M iPads Sold last Quarter

After the participants at the Apple's Q1 2012 earnings call had taken a deep breath and managed to compose themselves, the news of the impressive figures hit the internet.

The Cupertino officials took almost everyone by surprise announcing far and away its biggest revenue ever: $46.3 billion, a huge leap compared to the last quarter, when Apple reported 'just' $28.3 billion.

Apple also announced record quarterly profits of $13.06 billion, which boosted earnings per share level to $13.87, compared to $10.08 the earnings Wall Street had predicted, BGR reports.

For Apple, the first fiscal quarter of 2012 sprevious year and ended on December 31st. Therefore, the first fiscal quarter of 2012 covered the holiday season when the shopping frenzy reached its peak, as well as the release of iPhone 4S.

When it comes to sales volumes, Apple reported huge leaps compared to the previous quarter. iPhones were by far the most appreciated Apple product, which sold 37.04 million units, more than double the last quarter, when Apple reported 17.07 million iPhones sold.

Also in fiscal Q1 2012 Apple reported selling 15.43 million iPads, an considerable increase on last quarter's 11.1 million units sold, despite the iPad 3 being just around the corner. The Cupertino based company announced selling 5.2 million Macs and an impressive number of iPods, 15.4 million.