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Casio Unveils Concept Android G-Shock Smartphone

Casio has unveiled its concept model of a rugged Android G-Shock smartphone, which is specifically designed for those users who face extreme environments. When and if launched in the consumer market, users will not have to worry about causing any sort of damage to their devices.

This latest G-Shock handsets are very similar to the Casio watches, with all the buttons located at the edges of every corner. The device also has a thick plastic or resin constructed frame for protection from any damages which includes falling real hard.

The rear side of this device has a metal caseback along with visible metal screws, and the watchmaker company has also provided facility to make emergency calls to multiple numbers. Besides this, thee company also employes various means to prepare the device for heavy duty usage. For example, water resistance is up to 1.0 bar, pressure resistance is up to 1.0 tons and also shock resistance is up to 10 feet, reported G-Shockzone.

These features have been made available in almost all the G Shock phone designs. The device will supposedly have camera as well as LED Flash. The company has not yet disclosed anything about its plans of starting production, price or market availability. Thus, it might take a little longer to arrive in the consumer market.