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Counter Strike Now Available on Android Platform

The massively popular first-person shooter game Counter Strike has finally made its way to the Android platform - thanks to a bunch of geniuses from the Android developers community.

Counter Strike, published by Valve, is one of the most popular FPS titles available today. The title started its journey in the gaming arena as a Half Life mod, however, it soon became a popular franchise of its own.

According to reports, an unofficial mobile version of Counter Strike 1.6 was made available on XDA developers forum last week, aimed at the Android platform.

The new Android version, however, needs root access to function. For those who have already rooted their devices, the game may downloaded from the app's official Facebook page. For those who enjoy playing video games on their smartphones and for those who enjoy Counter Strike in particular, this may be the best of both worlds.

Since the Android version is still in beta, improvements need to be made before the final build is ready to be played. The game is powered by the Unity3D engine as well as Matrix Mod to meet the requirements of touchscreen devices.