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CyanogenMod Android App Store May be in the Works

A group of Android hackers are currently pondering over the idea of coming up with a specialist app store, featuring applications built for rooted handsets alongside many other offerings that Google currently does not allow in its Android Market.

Google is undoubtedly one of the most liberal authorities around today in the tech world, when it comes to allowing developers to post applications - as it allows pretty much everything in the Android Market. However, seems that a section of the CyanogenMod developers are hard to please, as they want their own application store to promote applications aimed at the users of their custom built Android versions.

Applications in the Android Market are not even remotely closer to being as restricted as iOS apps. There are certain limitations Google wants its users to abide by, for example, no Android handsets or apps can offer users the option to grab a screenshot of the device. In fact, this is the primary reason why most tech journalists get their devices rooted, as soon as they lay their hands on it.

"A CyanogenMod app store would focus on applications requiring root access, such as screen grabbers and the like, though it's worth noting there's a fair number of those already in the Android Marketplace," The Register reports.