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Dispute Between Telecom Companies Leads to 1.7 Million in India with No Phone Service

Following a dispute involving Etisalat DB, a telecommunications operator, and Reliance Communications, around 1.7 million of India's Etisalat DB phone subscribers have been cut off.

Under a 10-year deal finalised in 2009, Etisalat DB was allowed to use Reliance's base stations to provide services to 15 zones located in India for less than $2 billion. However, on Tuesday, Reliance disclosed that they disconnected their tenant over non-payment of fees.

Etisalat DB has confirmed, however, that they have been facing network disruption all over India since Friday. The company claims the reason behind this disruption is technical and beyond the company's control.

Etisalat DB is a joint venture between Etisalat of United Arab Emirates and DB Group of India. The company did not make any comment about the dispute with Reliance. However, in a separate statement, Etisalat DB has requested that both parties reach to an amicable solution.

Reliance, in a statement said, "Despite repeated reminders, payments have been inordinately delayed by EDB (Etisalat DB) without any reasonable cause, leading to the disconnection of services," reports Reuters.

Etisalat DB has apologised to subscribers for "a temporary mobile service disruption" and reassured subscribers they are working day and night to resolve the problem soon.