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Dolphin Web Browser for Android Now Includes Evernote

Web browser maker Dolphin is joining forces with cloud storage outfit Evernote, to introduce a pair of new extensions for the company's browser for the Android platform.

Of the two new extensions, the first comes with sophisticated and popular image editing platform Skitch; the other extension is Evernote itself.

Interestingly, this happens to be Evernote's first collaboration with a third party Android browser company. Skitch is already available as an Android app and is designed for photo editing and annotating. The app allows users to save all images edited through it to Evernote.

Basically, Skitch happens is a dedicated photo editing tool best suited with the desktop environment. However, integrating browser based features has increased its popularity amongst mobile users significantly.

"Dolphin has recently started adding extensions to its Android browser and that may put it ahead of Opera for the time being. Dolphin for Android now has Skitch, Evernote, Box, ReadItLater, eBay Search and more (a couple dozen, not all relevant)," Dan Rowinski of Read Write Web noted in his report.