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Everything Everywhere Permitted to Continue 4G LTE Trial

Everything Everywhere's 4G LTE trial, launched in October of last year, will continue until June 2012. The trial was introduced to allow mobile broadband accessibility to consumers located in St Newlyn in Cornwall.

According to reports, the UK telecom regulator Ofcom has finally granted Everything Everywhere (EE) and BT Wholesale to extend the trial of 4G LTE broadband in Cornwall. The trial covers 180 consumers in St. Newlyn East, Cornwall.

Everything Everywhere stated that this area has struggled to access 2Mbps broadband speed is now enjoying an average 7Mbps speed. Thus, the trial has proved that even low frequency spectrum is more than enough to deliver mobile broadband to remote areas, reports Mobile News.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Everything Everywhere, commented, ""The rollout of 4G will help drive economic growth and create jobs across the UK by making the economy more competitive, by enabling businesses to be more productive, and by allowing consumers to benefit from the latest mobile innovations."

He also said the trial is a key to investigate the means to bring 4G LTE to the UK as soon as possible. According to the CEO, Ofcom is providing help to complete the ground work "to accelerate the UK from laggard to leader."