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Google’s Android App Inventor Goes Open Source

Google, along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has decided to open source the Android App Inventor code

The developers at MIT stated that for the time being the App Inventor will not accept any contribution made to the code, however, it will definitely do so in the near future. Also, there will be periodic updates to the system to keep it at par with what's running on experimental MIT Systems.

According to the official release, "for now we don't want to distract the MIT developers from their efforts to complete and deploy the large-scale public server. In the meantime, we'll update the code periodically to match what's running at the latest MIT experimental system."

Through this project, anyone will be able to develop Android apps without any earlier exposure to programming knowledge. Open sourcing of the App Inventor will provide web based interface for designing Android apps without Java programming.

MIT will be releasing its own version of the App Inventor which it will call MIT App Inventor and anyone who creates modifications from the code may do so freely.