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HTC and IBM Partner to Design Android Phones with Enterprise Features

According to reports, HTC and IBM are partnering to speed up the adoption of the Android platform among enterprise handsets.

At the Lotusphere conference in Orlando, IBM disclosed that this partnership will bring business centric software and HTC's forthcoming smartphones together. IBM's smart business solution suite will be incorporated in the upcoming HTC smartphones and tablet computers, but HTC will not have an exclusive license to them.

HTC's Android device will promote enterprise-level security and integration features as a leading selling point. These features are already present in BlackBerry devices. Interestingly, since the beginning of this year Apple has been putting in an ample amount of work to adopt enterprise features for iOS, reports Android Community.

LG has also integrated VMWare's virtualisation software in few of handsets, which will separate work use, from personal use on the phone.

And while enterprise features are very important for smartphone users, designing phones primarily for business use is not the prime purpose of any device maker or operating system platform anymore.