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Kinect Hack Lets You Make a Massive Touch Screen

A new Kinect hack has allowed a clever chap to create a giant touch screen for use with his Samsung Galaxy Nexus mobile handset.

If you're an older gentleman who struggles to see icons on your little mobile phone, you now have the option of increasing screen size somewhat, whilst maintaining the touch screen control. The hack was showcased on YouTube, with the user tracking his movements with Kinect hardware, seemingly interacting with a touch screen by sending the gesture commands to the Android powered device via the kinect motion tracker.

According to the video's description, the Galaxy Nexus is "running a built of Android compiled from AOSP [Android Open Source Project]. allows the Android TUIO client to be signed with the system keys so that it can inject touch events into the system. Simple Kinect touch running on a Windows PC is used to send TUIO events to the Android device. The Galaxy Nexus is connected to the projector with a MHL adatper [sic]."

This is of course impressive, though I'm not sure how useful it will be. Isn't the point of a phone that it's portable? If I want to use my phone, I don't want to walk up to a wall and be dragging my hand around. A miniaturised version could be interesting though I suppose.