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Microsoft to Move from Virtual Currency to Cash for Xbox LIVE

If rumours are to be believed then, Microsoft might be abandoning its Xbox LIVE Point System to adopt a direct cash-purchase method.

The current Point System can be used to purchase lots of things like movies and video games, however, it has been highly criticised by users as very confusing and difficult to convert the points into an actual currency value. The Point system has been compared to casino chips or arcade tokens.

Gamers spend real money and earn the points which makes gamers more willing to spend their virtual currency and purchase more items online.

But, according to various reports, Microsoft will abandon this system and accept real currency instead. This will mark a very important change in the Xbox LIVE service. Even though Microsoft has decided not to comment on anything for the time being, the rumours are strong enough to start a discussion and speculation, reports Forbes.

Whether the company will replace the Point system or not remains to be seen. But if the current system is not working or if users find it too confusing, switching to a cash-purchase system may be the right move.