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Noon News: Anonymous Not to Hack Facebook, CyanogenMod Android App Store, Xbox 720 Chipset Production Commences

Anonymous clarified on Monday that it has no plans whatsoever to target Facebook on Jan 28 as reported by a section of the media. The reports of a looming hack-attempt on the massively popular social media platform started surfacing earlier this week after a self-proclaimed Anonymous member had posted a YouTube video (not available now), asking for supporters of the group to target Facebook on the coming Saturday at midnight Eastern time.

A group of Android hackers are currently pondering over the idea of coming up with a specialist app store featuring applications built for rooted handsets alongside many other offerings that Google currently does not allow in its Android Market. Google is undoubtedly one of the most liberal authorities around today in the tech world when it comes to allowing developers to post applications as it allows pretty much everything in the Android Market.

The production of the system of chip that will power Microsoft's next generation gaming platform, otherwise known as the Xbox 720 or the Next Xbox, has started according to tech websites Fudzilla and Semiaccurate. Both sources claim that the first chips, which carry the codename Oban, were produced back in December 2011 and are being produced by IBM and Global Foundries using a 32nm Silicon-on-Insulator manufacturing process.

In what could be termed as the first of its kind complaint to the European authorities, the European competition commissioner has been urged by a United Stated based consumer group to block Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

The much awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update has been rolled out to the users of LG Optimus Black however, as of now the update is available only in India and select few regions in Europe. It's just a matter of time though till the update is rolled out to other markets as well.