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O2 deploys update to Windows Phone 7 mobile phones and finally fixes MAC address bug

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has now rolled out a firmware update to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 handsets running on their network, which includes the network exclusive HTC HD7 device and its constantly changing MAC address problem.

Mobile phone news website Coolsmartphone has reported that the update O2 is deploying is the 7.10.8107 variant of the operating system, which fixes the disappearing keyboard, amongst other issues.

"Whilst this is not a major update to the OS, it's a welcome one as it shows that Microsoft are happy to release more frequent bug fixes outside of the Major OS release cycle", added the website.

ITProPortal's merged mobile phone sister title OneMobileRing exclusively reported here that O2's HTC HD7 received an update in November, which saw the MAC address of the handsets constantly changing upon rebooting.

HTC and O2 deployed several updates since this happened, none of them permanently fixed the issue. The MAC address was still changing, only not always when rebooting, just when different WIFI networks were access and only every now and then.

Our sources for the story have now confirmed this issue has finally been resolved, after two months of waiting.