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Olympus to Receive Sony Investment?

Olympus has begun fielding offers from various firms in an effort to generate capital, with one of the major offers so far coming from Sony.

Other companies involved in the process are Fujifilm and medical equipment firm Terumo, though it's not known at this point whether Olympus is looking for a single investment or a collective of cash injections from several different companies.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony could buy almost a 30 per cent stake in Olympus, but whatever it ends up at, the camera maker needs a decent chunk of change. In November it was forced to disclose it had concealed a $1.5 billion loss over the past 13 years of investments.

Unsurprisingly, a new board is currently being put together and they are expected to be making a decision on the potential investments some time in April. The majority of the current 11 person board will be stepping down before then.

Fujifilm's CEO has already discussed investing in Olympus, stating last week that there was a "synergy" to the two firms operations. Sony could also claim to have this synergy, as it is hardly unfamiliar with camera production.

The final firm involved in investment talks, Terumo, is less synergistic, but it does already have a 2.5 per cent stake in the company. There is also a cooperative between the two in research and development of medical devices.