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Over a Third of iPhone 4S Buyers Desert from other Operating Systems

In the three months after it was introduced to the market, the iPhone 4S has made quite a splash. Even in the first days of availability analysts were predicting the fifth generation iPhone would be a great success, after managed to break all sales records.

Now, a new study has revealed the longer term impact the iPhone 4S has had on the smartphone market, AppleInsider reports. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners analysis found that 36% of iPhone 4S customers have come from another platform.

In the holiday season the number of people choosing an iPhone 4S and leaving behind their old OS grew significantly. At launch, the same organisation had discovered that 18% of iPhone 4S buyers were joining Apple's ranks, after deserting from the likes of Android, BlackBerry or Palm.

In addition, the report shows that 21% of iPhone 4S owners choose the model with the highest capacity, 64 GB. This figure is similar to the findings of a poll conducted by investment firm Piper Jaffray in the first day of iPhone 4S' availability. At the time, Piper Jaffray found out that 19% of the iPhone 4S early adopters were anxious to get the iPhone, with the highest capacity ever.