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Sony PS Vita Successor May Be Thinner

Sony is on the verge of launching the PS Vita, its next generation portable gaming console, and its designer, Takashi Sogabe, has hinted that future versions of the console might be slimmer.

Speaking to ComputerVideoGames, the Japanese designer said that the original design of the Vita was "much thinner" than the current retail product, but engineers thought otherwise and wanted to put all the features in.

This meant giving up on metal and using plastic instead because the PS Vita is home to a number of antennae and as the iPhone 4 showed last year during the antennagate, metal and antennae don't go well together.

Cynics might point out that it could be a ploy for Sony to get customers to shell out money for a newer better version which will come at a later stage.

After all, the same strategy was applied to the Sony Playstation 3 (with a slim version replacing the fat one) and the PSP with the Go.

The console - which will be available in Wi-Fi and 3G versions - comes with a quad core processor based on the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture with 512MB RAM and two touch surfaces (the front facing screen and the back).