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Study: 36% of iPhone 4S Adopters Migrated from Other OS Platforms

A new study reveals that as much as 36 per cent of those who purchased a new iPhone during the last quarter of 2011, migrated from other mobile OS platforms.

The study was compiled by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners and according to its findings, this mass migration from other smartphone OS platforms to the iOS family has been primarily driven by the iPhone 4S - which hit the market in October last year.

More than 6,000 individuals who purchased a brand new iPhone during the quarter took part in the study, where more than a third of these individuals were totally new to the iOS platform. The study also shed light on how almost one in every five purchasers of the iPhone 4S during the quarter opted to go with the 64GB variant of the device.

The study also found that near about 43 per cent of the total iPhone purchases around iPhone 4S' launch, were done via online portals. However, that figure dropped significantly to 33 per cent, by the end of 2011.

The results of the survey hold a lot of significance for fanboys as well as the tech industry as a whole - especially since Apple does not release the official figures, regarding the sales of the iPhone.

[Source: Apple Insider]