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Tablet, Phone Users Spending More Time on Apps Compared to Web

According to data gathered by Flurry Analytics, owners of smartphones and tablet computers spend more time using apps rather than surfing the internet via their devices.

Just a year and half ago, these statistics were more on the opposite end of the spectrum with smartphone and tablet owners spending an average 64 minutes every day on web browsing and 43 average minutes in apps every day. New figures claims that 94 average minutes are being spent on apps every day, and 72 average minutes on web surfing.

The minutes might add to 3 hours when it comes to looking at the mobile use during a day - be it for browsing or apps. It doesn't necessarily mean that consumers are stuck to their phones or tablets for 3 hours but, we are definitely spending more time on such devices than we are used to.

The report stated that, "Users seem to be substituting websites for applications, which may be more convenient to access throughout the day".

The firm also predicted that users will be spending more time on apps, as they were more convenient compared to browser based access. To support their claims they have statistics from June to December, 2011 which state that there was a noticeable decline in daily average time that was spent on smartphones and tablets for web access.