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Unidentified WP7 Build Number on Windows Phone Bench App

Microsoft was supposed to release the Windows Phone 8107 update at the beginning of this year. This update was expected to fix privacy and keyboard related issues. The company also also announced the update would be made available "to all carriers that request it."

So far, the company has not released any new information about the update, but a new build number was recently listed on the database of the Windows Phone Bench app - the build number is 7.10.8745. This WP Bench app is utilised for Windows Phone benchmarking. The build number appeared about five days ago and is available on HTC 7 Pro, according to a Pocket Now report.

The problem is that there has been no official confirmation from the company as to what the build number means. The number might be a fake update or a device specific update, or even an earlier version of the highly anticipated Tango update.

In addition, a 7.10.8714 build was listed alongside with the mystery build number. Perhaps, the 8714 update is for fixing bugs and will also provide a few improvements. Hopefully, Microsoft will be able to clear up any confusion or questions users may have soon.