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Unofficially Nokia Holds Near 50% Share in Second Gen Windows Phone Market

Microsoft may not release statistics about Windows Phone in its quarterly financial results, but third parties are already producing statistics about various Windows Phone based smartphones.

According to the statistics revealed by OccassionalGamer, HTC is the manufacturer of maximum number of Windows Phone based devices. HTC provides nearly half of all Windows Phones, available in the market. Samsung is the second largest manufacturer of Windows Phone devices and supplies around one third, of the total number of Windows Phone devices.

The third spot goes to LG (even though they do not provide second generation Windows Phone 7 devices) and Nokia is at the fourth spot.

If only the second generation Windows Phone platform is considered, than Nokia comes at the top spot with 45 per cent market share. The reason behind this huge growth is Nokia Lumia 800 and also Lumia 710, reported WMPoweruser.

Nokia just recently joined the Windows Phone family by launching its massively anticipated Lumia line up. The company is heavily counting on Lumia to bring back its good-old glorious days in the smartphone market.