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US Based Consumer Watchdog Requests EU to Block Google’s Motorola Acquisition

In what could be termed as the first of its kind complaint to the European authorities, the European competition commissioner has been urged by a United Stated based consumer group to block Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

According to reports, Consumer Watchdog - the US based advocacy group that claims to be working on behalf of consumers, has opposed Google's planned $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola in a formal letter of complaint to the European Commission.

The letter sent by Consumer Watchdog was addressed to Joaquin Almunia - the European antitrust commissioner. In the letter, the group not only appealed to the antitrust regulator to block the Google-Motorola deal, but also asked it to start an investigation into Google's alleged antitrust practices.

This happens to be the first ever official complaint put to the European Commission in opposition of the Google-Motorola deal.

"Allowing the Motorola Mobility deal would provide Google with unprecedented dominance in virtually all aspects of the mobile world -- manufacturing, operating systems, search and advertising. It would be a virtually unstoppable juggernaut," the letter read, according to a ZDNet report.

"The Commission's role in keeping Google's abuses in check is essential," it added.