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£39.99 Technisat HDFV Freeview HD Box

The HDFV Freeview HD Box is a great box to have that would allow you receive Freeview HD channels onto your HD ready digital TV.

The DVR ready HDFV allows you to pause, timeshift and record live programs through the use of external hard drives or memory sticks by using the on board USB port. The same USB port would allow you to play the recorded programs later on.

Going through some more features, the TechniSat HDFV Freeview HD Box would enable you to stream films, pictures and music directly from your PC or network storage with wired network connectivity or through the optional TechniSat WiFi adaptor.

In case you have non HD media content i.e. video or movies, the upscaling feature of the HDFV Freeview HD Box lets you scale SD content to near 1080p resolution for improved display. In case your LCD is not equipped with an HDMI input, worry not as the HD Box has an HDMI port that would allow you to fit in HDMI output from any compatible device and watch it onto your LCD TV.

The Freeview HD Box also features parental controls and 8-day electronic programme guide.

Currys is offering the Technisat HDFV Freeview HD Box for £39.99.