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£99.98 Sony BDX-S500U 6x External Slim Blu-ray Writer

Blu-ray discs and drives are becoming main stream like DVD players and discs. Inbuilt Blu-ray drives are being offered with many desktop and laptop systems but what if you have an old laptop or desktop but still want to enjoy Blu-ray movies and want to record data onto high capacity Blu-ray drives?

Well worry not as the pioneer of Blu-rays - Sony itself has come up with the BDX-S500U 6x external Blu-ray writer. The drive can be used with any computer system which has a USB 2.0 port - be it a desktop, laptop or a netbook. The lightweight, slim, portable and versatile Blu-ray writer lets you write on BD-R as well as BD-E discs. You may even watch your favourite Blu-ray movies.

The BDX-S500U also supports Blu-ray 3D thus allowing you to enjoy your favourite 3D movies right from the comfort of your home. Blu-ray disc writing software is included along with this package.

Amazon is offering the Sony BDX-S500U 6x External Slim Blu-ray Writer for £99.98.