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AM News: Google Privacy Policy Update, Kim Dotcom Denied Bail, Sony PS Vita Successor, RIM PlayBook Price Slash

Google has announced it is revamping its privacy policy by integrating users' various Google accounts across its entire portfolio. But the move is already subject to strong protests raised by netizens across the world and by critics. Apparently, users will have no way to opt out of these changes once they are implemented.

Kim Dotcom, founder of the online file sharing portal Megaupload, has been refused bail by a New Zealand court because he is considered a flight risk. Subsequently, the alleged Internet pirate was taken into police custody for another month on Wednesday. With this new development, Dotcom, also known by Kim Tim Jim Vestor and Kim Schmitz, has to remain in police custody until the 22nd of February - the same time which the hearing on his extradition to the US will be conducted.

Nokia has announced that its panoramic image library 360 will be made available for the company's Nokia Maps for all handsets powered by the Symbian v3.06 or above. Thus, with this new announcement, it has been confirmed that users of the massively popular Nokia N8 and Nokia 700 will also be getting the hugely anticipated 360Cities.

Sony is on the verge of launching the PS Vita, its next generation portable gaming console, and its designer, Takashi Sogabe, hinted that future versions of the console might be thinner. Speaking to ComputerVideoGames, the Japanese designer said that the original version of the Vita was going to be "much thinner" than the current retail product but the engineers thought otherwise and wanted to put all the features in.

High street retailer PC World has managed to get hold of some more stock of the RIM Blackberry PlayBook tablet for £169, the cheapest price in the UK for the device. Note that the price is valid only online and the in-store price will be £249.