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Amazon Shifts Backup to the Cloud with Storage Gateways

Amazon has converted their cloud based Simple Storage Service (S3) into back-up option for all data thus turning itself into an official of enterprise IT services.

Yesterday, the company unveiled its AWS Storage Gateway beta, and it claims that the offering will provide its services to securely hook on-premises software appliances deployed by businesses into their cloud.

Amazon has stated that users can upload their data to the cloud securely and provide a cost-effective, low latency back-up. This latest Amazon gateway can be installed easily through the AWS Management Console that operates with the users' existing SANs, DAS as well as applications, reported The Register.

Amazon Storage Gateway will be securely storing a snapshot of data within the S3, and if need be can be ported to the AWS Elastic Block Storage. Once the data is there, users can process the data using EC2's cloud computing instances. The storage gateways will keep the data onto local systems and asynchronously upload it to Amazon's cloud. This process will eliminate the latency that is involved with uploading large amount of data and businesses may only leverage the cloud as and when they need it notes Gigaom

Amazon is offering the beta version for free on a 60 day trial. After 60 days the service will cost $125 per Amazon gateway every month.