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Backed by Google, Motorola Sues Apple

In its latest lawsuit, Motorola Mobility has accused the iPhone maker of infringing on some of the company's key technology patents. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Florida.

In the latest patent suit, Motorola cited the same patents over which a separate lawsuit is already pending in the Florida court. Motorola has named Apple's newest products, iPhone 4S along with Apple iCloud remote storage service as being infringing its patents.

Motorola confirmed that they accused Apple of violating six patents that includes technologies related to wireless antennae, data filtering, software and messaging. Apple has not yet commented anything about this latest suit, reported Reuters.

Motorola must be having a full backing from Google for this suit as there is a clause in the acquisition deal that states that Motorola shouldn't proceed with any legal action without Google's approval reports V3.

It is worth noting that Apple is not faring well against Motorola in legal battles as the US ITC issued an initial verdict that Motorola is not infringing on three Apple patents; a German court also sided Motorola by issuing an injunction against Apple.